Importance Of Maintaining Health

Taking medicine day
by day increased more than the quantity of food that we daily intake.
As we are advancing in science and technologies we are advancing in
acquiring new diseases too. Lesser importance to our daily balanced
diet, loss of sleep, increased stress is some of the factors that
increase the chances of getting diseases. Our ancestors told that
food is the medicine, now it is changed as medicine is the food for
many people. Many people nowadays stick on to high diet by
starvation. Actually speaking diet differs from starvation. Diet
refers to taking adequate quantity of vitamins, minerals and
nutrients in our food. Review show that the yoga helps in maintaining
body weight for a long term, beyond diet review we came to
know about the problems faced by the individuals due to overweight
and following diet. Oral pills marketed by business people not only
reduces the weight of an individual it also reduces the health of an
individual. Taking good and hygienic food reduces the chance of
getting diseases.

Challenges Faced
To Maintain Weight

Maintaining weight is easier than reducing weight. So we should be always aware of our weight by checking it periodically. Instead of taking heavy food at a time we can split the time of taking food. Taking cholesterol and fat less food not add our weight. Taking citrus fruits helps to reduce our body weight. Morning exercise is must for an individual as it excretes cholesterol by means of sweat. Always take care of our food to be hygienic and freshly prepared. Reheating the food will result in loss of nutrients and also leads to health disorders. People especially are very strict in their diet as they are not aware of their health. We should get adequate knowledge about the ways to maintain our diet. Good food always keeps as peace and positively thinking.

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